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I saw something like this a few days ago:

And I must have read the explanation that Pope Francis would rather we use our money helping the poor than spend it on spontaneous trips on a whim, even if they are to see him, the Vicar of Christ on Earth! Well there goes my idea of dragging my little girl to Brazil for her first birthday…

Then I thought about my whims, the things I spend money on that I don’t need, money that could quite easily go to the poor, and I realized my little indulgences are way, WAY, more frivolous than trips to see the pope… think pretzels and Cinnamon Dolce Lattes with way more whipping cream than I need… so ever since it has been on my heart to try to sponsor another Child.

I already have one beautiful little boy in Haiti who I sponsor through Chalice, I have been donating the $33 each month for more than 3 years now! (I know this because his adorable 5 year old face stares at me from three pictures around my house, the annual update on his health and well being always includes and updated picture! and the little emaciated 2 year old I first chose to sponsor is now a strong healthy little boy!)

To me, changing one little child’s life through giving them the opportunity to go to school, have healthy meals, and access to health care is SO worth the little sacrifices it takes to free up $33 each month! It is a long term commitment, but completely worth it, and not really even as hard as I thought it was going to be! I chose little Kert when I was single and now I would love to take on the responsibility of helping one more child, as a whole family…. so as I am thinking about all this, I did that one thing you have to be very very careful about…

Going to the website and seeing the faces of all the beautiful hungry children just waiting to be picked!

Sarah McLaughlin started playing in my head,

and after I saw him:

there was really no going back!

So welcome, little Marian, to our family!

and THANK YOU, Pope Francis, for the reminder to put first things first in my life, and help others before I worry about my coffee needs…

Plus I am done with Starbucks, so that frees up $33 each month for this precious little boy!


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